An internship is a position within the company , for a particular period, where you can gain international experience in the chosen field and learn English at the same time!


We offers you a great service by finding an internship programme to suit your needs.

- Gain experience in the working world

- Improve your English

- Meet many people from around the world

- Available all year round


How to choose an internship?

- Play to your strengths

- Relate   to  your  studies or  previous work experience

- Work up the corporate ladder

- Think about your future


Other Services:

- Accommodation

- Airport pick- up and transfer

- English course

- Leisure activities


Levels : Intermediate- Advanced (B2-C1)

Hours of internship : As requested -- Full day or Half day

Age recommendation :  Minimum 16 years of age

Stay : Minimum 1 week


At the end of internship, you will be given:

A certificate of attendance

A letter of recommendation

An assessment of your workplacement

We also offer:

Tailor made programs according to your area of interest

Supplementary Language courses to compliment your work placement

Accommodation alternatives according to your preference and budget

A variety of leisure and social activities to make your stay in Malta more enjoyable

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