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English Language Courses

We offer a wide variety of English Language Courses and are passionately  committed to giving students, from all over the world, the opportunity of improving their use of English in a stimulating yet relaxed environment.

Adult Courses

General English

Intensive English

English Mini Group (20 or 30 sessions)

Individual English

Combination English

Teenage Courses

General English

Easter, Summer & Autumn Teenage Packages

Combined with Practical Outdoor Sessions


An internship is a position within the company , for a particular period, where you can gain international experience in the chosen field and learn English at the same time!


We offers you a great service by finding an internship programme to suit your needs.

Business English

This course helps students that wish to pursue a career in business by working on basic everyday situations such as answering the telephone, aspects of a meeting,presenting facts and figures, dealing with customers and corresponding professionally.

The course is designed according to students’ specific needs and future objectives and is sure to help with future business development.

ESP Courses

English for Specific Purposes

Medical English, Legal English,

English for Tourism

Any Specialist Subject

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Other Courses

Exam Preparation Courses

Long Stay/Academic Year Courses

Sport Courses

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