By devoting more hours to tuition students can give their English a kick- start in a relatively short period of time. Students follow the General English Course and have a further 2 sessions per day of 45 minutes each.

They are given the opportunity to consolidate their General English studies and have further options to cover new ground.

This course is designed to cover the same course content as outlined in our General English Course. It offers the benefit of studying in a group but with fewer numbers, so that students have more opportunity to actively participate during the lesson and get more teacher attention than they would in larger classes. Smaller numbers offer more flexibility in planning the course content around the individual needs of the participants.

Individual lessons offer students the opportunity to make their learning more focused and pertinent to their needs. With 1 to 1 lessons students have the full and continuous attention of the teacher, and the time to practise and go over areas of their choice, thus speeding up the learning process.       The Individual Course is fairly flexible in that  students can choose the number and duration of sessions according to their own preferences.

The most popular course is designed to give students a solid introduction to the English language and devotes special attention to grammar, vocabulary building,  conversation and pronunciation. While conventional texts and audio equipment form the basis of the lesson structure, teachers encourage language use through role-play, problem solving, discussions and story telling. The group element allows participants to benefit from trying out and practsing language structures on their fellow students.




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